Marika De Rasilly


Kindergarten teacher (native English speaker)

I have been lucky to be immersed in bilingualism from birth as I grew up in South Africa, a multicultural and multilingual country. My deep curiosity and passion for discovering languages and other cultures became very clear to me at an early age. This curiosity motivated me to leave my country at the age of 18 to first go and learn German in total immersion in Austria, then to discover the linguistic differences of American English in the USA, all the while discovering the joys of working with children as an au pair.

Driven by the desire to transmit my love for languages to children and especially to little ones, I then worked for two years as a teacher in Taiwan in a total immersion English kindergarten with children from 3 to 6 years old.

As a double BA graduate in Communication (obtained in South Africa) and in Foreign Language, Literature and Civilization (License LLCE obtained in Grenoble), I worked as an English teacher for 6 years in French primary schools and in extra-curricular classes.

I am currently busy working toward my TEFL certification as a part of my professional training.

My husband, our 2 bilingual daughters and I have settled in Haute-Savoie and fully enjoy the region and all of its beauty (mountains, the lake and nature).

I am a dynamic teacher who listens to her students and I am delighted to join the EBiHS team.