A few testimonials from parents of the school…

“We had great reservations about moving our children at such a late age to France with very little knowledge of the language.  Lily joined EBIHS in 2020 at  the age of 14 it was a monumental change and one only exacerbated by the arrival of COVID.  Right from the start the school were understanding and supportive, all the teaching staff adapted to Lily’s needs and allowed her the freedom to immerse herself in the language during all of the lessons.  This gentle, nurturing approach allowed Lily to build her confidence, learn the language and in a non pressurised environment, in time reach the academic level of her peers in French!  It was also refreshing  to belong to a school that recognised the significance and despite the many restrictions ensured that the children were exposed to the arts, trips, visits and cohesion weeks. It was an incredible journey for her, she has graduated with a wonderful class of friends, an academic standard she should be very proud of and many happy memories.”

Melanie Wheatley – Mother of Lily (class of 2022) who joined the collège in 4e


“Ten years ago, we heard about EBiHS and were immediately seduced by the experience of bilingualism, and the school pedagogy and philosophy. Elouan joined EBiHS in kindergarten and 10 years later, as he enters 4e, he is still as happy and motivated as ever. Not only has he become bilingual, but he has also been blossoming throughout the years, finding pleasure in being at school, surrounded by his teachers and friends. For us parents, there is another important element we found at EBiHS, in addition to bilingualism: the values that are essential to us and that are anchored and embodied within the school, i.e. respect, interpersonal skills and “knowing how to live together”, solidarity, benevolence, curiosity and openness to the world, the spirit of cohesion and many others… All these values have contributed to making our child a happy teenager, who feels good about himself and who is motivated and happily willing to progress and reach his full potential.
A big THANK YOU to the whole EBIHS team!”

Isabelle et Sébastien VALLON


“In 2011, we chose to send our daughter to EBIHS for its bilingualism and its kindergarten.

Seven years have gone by… and here is the record: she is a very happy young girl, who loves the school, her school friends,the teachers and the heads!

The teachers who taught Louise were all exceptional. They were kind, helped her in her development, respected her personality and adapted their teaching to her profile. Mrs Jager and Mrs Mondongou have always been responsive to our concerns through their professional and human qualities.”

Flore Peucelle Da Silva, parent at EBIHS


“For our children, and from their very early age, we wanted an immediate access to and immersion in British culture and bilingualism, such important tools for their future!

It has been a great pleasure to see the school grow from its very beginning. Bilingual teaching by   exceptional and benevolent individuals as well as the values they provide are real assets in the life learning process.

Growing in EBIHS means growing well!”

Séverine Petilaire, parent at EBIHS


“From nursery school, our children could experience a fully immersive anglophone education.

The class size (no more than 20) allows for in-depth learning as well as better assessment by the teachers.

We particularly appreciate the school staff members who support our children so well!”

Mr and Mrs Saltel, parents at EBIHS