Since the school’s inception in 2010, many students have benefited from English immersion kindergarten and bilingual education. A few generations of CM2s have continued their studies in the region’s colleges that recognize their very good level in English.

Since 2018, fifth graders have been able to stay at EBiHS to continue their college education and we look forward to reporting in these pages on their success in the institutions that our alumni or alumni will join later.

How are EBiHS alumni different?

Spending their school days in Annecy and speaking daily in English with their teachers from a very young age, doing math in French and English, spending time with children from the Annecy region and from all over the world, meeting families from Russia, the United States, China or Italy, discovering other traditions, other ways of seeing and understanding the world, taking on responsibilities, Learning to recognize one’s own emotions and those of others, being active and collaborating with peers in motivating projects throughout the year, using sports, music, art to express ideas and develop one’s imagination… This is what our students do on campus and why, over the years, they develop unique qualities to navigate in today’s world: to communicate well, to understand others, to collaborate, to take responsibility, to see problems from different angles, to remain curious, to enjoy learning all their lives, to name a few.

Our alumni all feel well adapted to their new college environments and are successfully completing their schooling.


“At EBiHS I was very happy. We liked to learn, the teachers were very friendly, we made good friends. I really enjoyed the trip to York in CM2. And I’m very happy to speak good English! ” Loïs


“Since the opening of EBiHS in 2010, I have had nothing but great years and great times. In the beginning, there were only a few of us students, so I knew almost everyone. Since then, the school has evolved a lot and I have only good memories of it. In this school, there is a great diversity of nationalities, which allows you to discover many new cultures. These years at the EBiHS have given me a very good level of English that will serve me for the rest of my life.” Sofia