Parents Association

Parents Association

EBiHS has a parents’ association, which represents the parents of students in the three schools (kindergarten, primary and middle school). This association is made up of volunteers and is called: The Apple Tree Parents Association (ATPA).


The purpose of the association is to contribute to the well-being and development of the students. To work toward this goal, the ATPA parents work throughout the year to :
– Organize and finance (all or part of) the school’s educational, sports and cultural activities.
– Organize and participate in festive events, bringing together the EBiHS community, allowing everyone to meet and have a good time together, but also to raise funds, which are used to finance projects for the children and their families.
– Represent the parents at the General Assembly of the school’s Board of Directors. The ATPA is thus their spokesperson and allows constant communication between the school’s teachers and management team and the parents.

The ATPA is non-profit and independent of any political or religious movement.


– Major ATPA events (this list may vary according to health restrictions in place):
– The Halloween celebration: the schools are decorated by the ATPA, and children have the opportunity to take pictures of themselves to keep as souvenirs in a photo booth installed for the occasion;
– The ATPA Winter Ski Team: in coordination with the Manigod ESF, group lessons are organized for children and parents during the winter;
– The Christmas party: in parallel with the show prepared by the students and their teachers, the ATPA offers hot drinks and ‘crêpes’ for sale;
– Fundraising in the form of the sale of local products: several sales of local, quality products are held throughout the year, to promote local craftsmen, farmers and merchants in favour of short circuits. These products vary from food to cultural or decorative objects.
– The Bake Sale Challenge: once a month, the students of one class bring baked goods to sell at the afterschool Bake Sale. At the end of the year, the class that has made the most cakes wins the tournament and wins an outing paid for by the ATPA.
– The Annecy-le-Vieux Carnival: the ATPA holds a chalet and sells drinks, sweets and baked goods. School children are invited to take part in the Carnival which brings together the various schools of the town.
– The end-of-year party: this is the major event for the school and the ATPA. Around the show prepared and put in place by the students and their teachers, the ATPA sets up games stands, holds a big tombola, and auctions classroom paintings to the highest bidder. The ATPA also prepares a free aperitif for all parents and children, and sells drinks and baked goods.

Every year new ideas emerge and are implemented to best meet the needs of children and their parents.


The activities financed by the funds raised by the ATPA vary from year to year. They are diverse and defined in collaboration with the school’s management team. These  can be fully supported by the ATPA, or jointly with the school. In recent years, the ATPA has participated in financing (total or partial):
– Books for the school libraries;
– Additional educational material in consultation with the teachers (Montessori material for example);
– Outdoor play equipment, desired by the parents of ATPA (playground, slide, painting of games on the ground in the courtyard, installation of a gate at the entrance of the school, etc.).
– A permaculture garden, with the intervention of an expert, and the participation of the teaching staff in the initiation of the children to a reasoned, local and sustainable garden ;
– Local outings;
Financial help is given with the precious help of many volunteer parents that the association is lucky enough to count amongst them. Many thanks to them!


Do you have ideas or experiences to share? Don’t hesitate to suggest them to us!
Would you like to help the ATPA, even just from time to time for one or more events? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. All help, and positive energy are welcome!
You are not yet a member and would like to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the ATPA? Do not hesitate to contact us to join (20 € per school year).
Would you like to propose quality regional products? Don’t hesitate to present them to us so that we can include them in a future sale!
Would you like to propose cultural events for children? Don’t hesitate to talk to us about it!
Would you like to sponsor an ATPA event? Don’t hesitate to share your idea!

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