The Lower Secondary School (UK) or Middle-School (USA)

The Lower Secondary School (UK) or Middle-School (USA)

In the continuity of our primary bilingual school that opened in 2010, the College (or lower secondary school) offers Annecy-le-Vieux in 2010. The Collège offers teaching in French and English, preparing for the Diplôme National du Brevet and IGCSE* certificates of the Cambridge programme, as well as entry to French or international high schools.

Since the start of the 2020 academic year, the Collège has joined the prestigious group of Cambridge schools whose programmes and diplomas are recognised by the best universities and post-baccalaureate schools.

*IGCSE : International General Certificate for Secondary Education

The collège at EBiHS has:

  • Individualised teaching in small classes.
  • All subjects taught in both languages. Learning a third language from the sixth grade onwards.
  • A rich and varied curriculum: the French curriculum harmonised with the Cambridge International curriculum.
  • Teachers committed to a project-based pedagogy.
  • Development of personality and self-confidence through activities and clubs: sport, theatre, art, music…

Information and registration for the college : (By appointment)

13 rue des Pommaries 74940 Annecy-le-Vieux, France

T : + 33 (0)6 04 98 69 59


Programme information:

The educational pathway at the EBiHS College also includes:

  • Refresher courses in English or French to complement the immersion programme and accelerate language learning.
  • The use of digital tools to facilitate learning and become a cyber-citizen. Each student at the college has their own email address, a chromebook and access to a digital work environment administered by the college.
  • The consideration of each student to adapt to his or her needs. The “Learning Centre” offers support strategies: coaching to improve working methods, targeted workshops in maths or French, tailor-made support for students following an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • The S.E.L (Social and Emotional Learning) programme and character development. Workshops are organised during the school year to develop fundamental skills: team spirit, creativity, ethics and honesty, resilience, curiosity, time management and organisational skills.
  • A week of cohesion to start each school year, in order to integrate new students and develop team spirit, autonomy and the desire to learn.
  • Projects that motivate students : Every year numerous events allow students to get involved or participate in competitions. A few examples are, the Science Fair, “Kangourou des maths”, International Week, and Poets’ Spring.
  • Opening up to the world : Educational outings are organised regularly to enrich the school career of secondary school students. Trips abroad are also offered to Spanish or English-speaking countries.
  • A sports programme by period or season. For example, the college includes water sports on the lake during the summer months or access to the Annecy-le-Vieux gymnasium.
  • Extra-curricular activities : A la fin de la journée de classe ou le mercredi après-midi, les élèves peuvent découvrir de nouvelles passions : théâtre, art, musique ou encore s’inscrire aux devoirs accompagnés.

Give your child the benefits of a bilingual education for the future!

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Head of Secondary School

Master in Education : Applied Linguistics

Teaching in International French schools gave Christian Jarlov the opportunity to travel around the world: USA, Africa, Asia and in the  Middle-East. In Zimbabwe, he founded with his wife the first French International school. After teaching during three years in the Middle-East, he returned to Africa, in Dakar Sénégal, to work for the Ministry of Cooperation, teaching and creating newspapers and magazines for children. Besides teaching, he collaborated for more than 15 years with a publishing company, Bayard-Press as a journalist and advisor.

Christian then spent ten years in Singapore, working for one of the most prestigious school of the French International network. He was involved in many projects, including Art and Theatre, collaborating with professional artists and musicians.

in a very challenging and innovative educational environment. Under his leadership, the Middle School grew in size and reputation with new and attractive programmes.

Art and communication. He enjoys offering students opportunities to discover other cultures. He is convinced that bilingual and international education promotes essential values such as open-mindedness, tolerance and respect, preparing children for a world ever more complex and global.