Welcome to l’École Bilingue Internationale de Haute-Savoie!

 Opened in 2010, with a few preschool students who were the first to benefit from the immersion program in English, the school now caters for students aged 3 to 10, from Petite Section to CM2 in the primary school.

In 2018,  opening of the 6ème(equivalent to Year 7 in the U.K) was the start of the lower Secondary school or Collège. It now has one class per level, from 6eme to 3eme.


Recognized by the “Foundation pour l’école” for the quality of its education, since its inception, our school has offered, a high quality bilingual program. Learning languages at an early age is at the heart of the educational project. In our classrooms, the presence of native teachers ensures a real immersion in language and culture.


Families enjoy the following aspects of the program which you will be able to witness if you visit our school:

  • A bilingual education and a rich and motivating curriculum with a global perspective.
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers who like to share their passion of learning with students.
  • A project based pedagogy, promoting participation and motivation of students.
  • A nurturing environment that answers every students’ needs and promotes a humanistic culture.
  • Small class sizes which allow teachers to be particularly attentive to each child
  • A multicultural environment promoting knowledge and skills that are essential for the future of the children: curiosity, critical thinking, empathy, love of sharing and collaboration, open-mindedness.EBiHS is also a school that welcomes parents. The school year offers many opportunities to gather the community: shows, meeting with the teachers, festivals and traditions.Enjoy a virtual discovery of our school!EBiHS Administration

Our Values