School Fees


The EBiHS is a public school of the association type, entirely dependent for its resources on the school fees paid by the families.

The school’s philosophy is to do its utmost to keep school fees at a reasonable level while meeting the financial needs of a public school that wishes to guarantee an excellent quality of teaching, and the maintenance of premises that provide a pleasant and safe living environment for the children.

Exceptional first registration fees are required only for the first year. Then the fees to be paid are:

  • Annual fees
  • School fees

Additional fees can depend upon each family needs: meal expenses, daycare expenses or after school activities expenses.


Every year, the new registration fees are published at the end of November or the beginning of December. At the time of registration, families have several options to pay: annual, by term or on ten months.


Application Form Primary 2021/2022

Application Form collège 2021/2022