Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

EBiHS is a non-profit (association) private school, entirely dependent on the tuition fees paid by families for its resources. 

The school’s philosophy is to do its utmost to keep tuition fees at a reasonable level, while meeting the financial needs of a private school that wishes to guarantee an excellent quality of education and maintain premises that provide a pleasant and safe living environment for the children.

A first registration fee is required for the first year only.

Then the fees to be paid are:

  • annual fees
  • tuition (or school fees)

Additional fees depend on the needs of each family: registration for meal service, daycare or extra-curricular activities.

Each year, new fees are published at the end of November or early December.

At the time of registration, families can choose between several payment options: annual, quarterly or 10-month payment.


consult PRIMARY fees

consult COLLEGE fees


A deposit of 300€ must be paid upon confirmation of registration (early March).

It will be kept in case of withdrawal after acceptance of the student in the school.