The daycare service allows working parents to drop off their child earlier or pick up their child later after school. The daycare can be in the yard or indoors with play activities offered to the children.

We offer the option of paying a fee in the form of a term subscription or a one-time fee for a daily reservation.

The time slots are as follows:

7h30 – 7h45                         7h45-8h00 (free)

16h30-17h15             17h15-18h00            18h00-18h45

For the parents of the school, reservation for the punctual/early daycare (limited places) is done online through LA VIE SCOLAIRE. Rates are available on the website.


Notes :

The daycare fees may change during the year.

The subscription is for the entire trimester.

It is imperative that you register your child via the software LA VIE SCOLAIRE for the daycare or study.

If a child remains in the daycare center without having been registered, a flat rate of 10 euros will be charged.

Likewise, if a child is picked up after the daycare closes at 6:45 pm, a charge of 2 euros per 5 minutes per child will be billed.