Fine Motor with the Butterflies

The Butterflies Work Their Tiny Muscles

The Butterfly Class spend a lot of time working on their fine motor skills in class. The children are given a variety of opportunities to encourage them to manipulate their fingers carefully and with precision.

Arthur and Anaïs paint using cotton buds – small and light they encourage a pincer grip.

It is important that children have a lot of opportunities to build muscle strength and coordination before they are ever asked to hold a pen or pencil for writing. In the petite section we work on gross and fine motor skills. This means lots of physical activities to build core, leg and arm strength and lots of small items and play-dough for finger to manipulate carefully.

Ariane applies stickers to the letter P – the child learns to identify letter shapes before being required to write them.
Arthur hammers golf tees into a pumpkin – this encourages the two hands to work together, hand eye coordination and a pincer grasp.