Exploring the World in Collège

Exploring the World in Collège

The Collège Bilingue had its first International Week last week and it proved to be a great success. Through the collaboration of parents and teachers, the students were afforded the opportunity to explore different cultures from around the world, and engage in discussions as to what essentially makes us a global community.

The 5èmes presenting their Indian curry

The week followed a programme, which included the following:

  • Talks from guests and teachers about their countries of origin, such as Scotland, Japan, Algeria and South Africa. Talks introduced students to crafts, music and various other engaging activities.
  • Students were taken on a walking tour of a photographic exhibition, which explored children of different cultural backgrounds. Students were encouraged to pose questions and engage in reflective thinking.
  • Musical concert by Mr Serge Bulot, a traveling musician who has acquired instruments from numerous countries, ranging from prehistoric to modern. The students witnessed Mr Bulot play all the instruments whilst also learning about the history of these instruments.
  • Designing and making mathematical games from around the globe, and sharing the knowledge of these games with the other students.
  • African dance concert, along with face painting.
  • Calligraphy and World Map Crafts throughout the week.
  • International food festival where students were able to wear the costumes of the country and present their dish.
Eline wearing Mrs Young’s high school blazer from Scotland.

A big thank you to all the parents who participated and helped to prepare the food and decorations, and to all the guest speakers and teachers who collaborated to create an exciting and action packed week. We look forward to the next International Week in 2021!


Dressed in Italian colours and serving focaccia
Curry from Thailand
Students got to taste dishes from eight different countries!


Monsieur Serge Bulot giving the 5èmes a demonstration
Henna hand painting and Algerian desserts!