Why choose EBiHS?

Why choose EBiHS?

Why choose EBiHS?

EBiHS, students thrive in a stimulating, friendly atmosphere designed to foster their autonomy and teach them to adapt to new cultures and languages. Our learners grow up in an international environment, with a broad mix of different nationalities.

Our rigorous curriculum, taught in French and English, prepares learners efficiently for them to take up the challenge of both High School and University, whether in France or abroad.

The advantages of a bilingual education

By combining the best aspects of the French educational system with those of American or British systems including the Cambridge syllabus, EBiHS provides learners with the key elements required  to succeed in a French lycée, especially with an international curriculum. Not only are the teaching staff experienced, they also have a passion for their mission and are intent on providing  each and every child with the tools needed to thrive and succeed in small groups where their individual needs are fully  answered.

For further information we recommend you consult the pages of our Programme menu. You will find out more, for each class or cycle, about the strong points of our curriculum, from an early contact with the English language through full immersion in “Maternelle” or pre-elementary to an authentic bilingual curriculum in elementary, and secondary school in the following years.

Every year, we organize one or more special Open Days. They are excellent opportunities to get informed about our school by meeting with teachers and parents whose children have been familiar with such a unique experience for years.

We warmly welcome your child to the EBiHS experience which will offer them the real key to success: a bilingual environment!

Information and enrollment


11 avenue du Pré de Challes
74940 Annecy-le-Vieux, France
T : + 33 (0)4 50 02 39 53
Mail : info@ebihs.fr

Offer your child the benefits of a bilingual education!