Why choose EBiHS?

Why choose EBiHS?

Dear parents,


At EBiHS, students thrive in a stimulating and caring environment designed to foster their independence and to teach them how to adapt to new cultures and languages. Our students grow up in an international context, surrounded by children of different nationalities. The multicultural environment allows students to develop qualities and skills that are essential for their future: curiosity, critical thinking, empathy, a sense of sharing and collaboration, and open-mindedness.
Under contract with the French Ministry of Education for primary school classes, recognized by the Fondation Pour l’Ecole for its quality of teaching, our school has been offering quality bilingual education since its creation. The learning of languages from the earliest age is at the heart of the educational project. In our classes, the presence of qualified teachers whose mother tongue is English guarantees students a true immersion in the language and culture. 
Our small class sizes allow for a student-centered pedagogy that makes the student active and invested in his or her learning.
Our rigorous curriculum, taught in both French and English, effectively prepares students to meet the challenges of high school and university, whether at a school in France or abroad. By combining the best of the French education system with input from Anglo-Saxon school systems such as the Cambridge program, EBiHS provides your children with the foundation they need to succeed in a French high school or international program.
EBiHS is also a school open to parents. The school year is punctuated by events that bring the community together: shows, meetings with teachers, celebrations and traditions.
 The choice of a school is particularly important to give your child the best assets to prepare his or her future; we are available to talk to you about our program and advise you.


Mathilde Mondongou
Head of establishment

The advantages of a bilingual education

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We organize open houses. This is the best time to learn about our program by meeting with principals, teachers and parents who have been living this unique experience with their children for years.
In the meantime, you can look at the virtual open doors !