Magdalena Geiger

Magdalena Geiger

Middle school teacher: German

I was born and educated in Austria, where I obtained a Master’s degree in International Economic and Social Sciences.

Early on in my professional life, I set my sights on teaching. Volleyball in my teens, then Math, English and Music during my studies.

In 2011, I started teaching my native language, German, in Vienna. My international students inspired me to leave my native Austria and come to France to learn a new language.

I then joined a program in France as a language assistant in schools, particularly in collège and lycée. This job enabled me to live and work in France while improving my French language skills. Naturally, I decided to stay and make a life for myself in Annecy.

Today, I’m lucky to teach German to the highly committed and motivated students at EBiHS. I feel at home in this international setting.