Each year, a number of events bring the EBiHS community together at each site or off-site. These events bring families together and involve them in the festive and community spirit of the school. Among those that are highly appreciated and punctuate the school year are the following:

  • The Halloween celebration in October, an Anglo-Saxon holiday that introduces fall, when children come to school in costume.
  • The Christmas party, where the students produce songs in both languages and where the parents’ associations offer a small Christmas market. Families can thus get together to share a moment of conviviality.
  • The sports festival, which brings together students from both sites in a spirit of sporting solidarity and during which families are asked to cheer on the teams.
  • The school festival in June, which combines a bilingual show prepared by the children and their teachers on various themes, and a fair organized by the parents’ associations. This event is the culmination of an entire school year and allows the children to perform and show off all their skills.

Among smaller events to note, there are also :

  • The carnival at school where the children also come in costume.
  • The carnival with the Annecy le Vieux town hall, organized by the parents’ associations and which allows the EBIHS to be better known within the commune.
  • The “get together” evenings, organized by the parents’ associations and which allow parents to get together without their children over a meal or a drink for another moment of conviviality.
  • The whole school goes to the beach at the end of the year, where many parents participate to help with supervision.


The current health crisis has put all these activities on hold . See you soon for new actions!