Projects and activities in the Collège

Projects and activities in the Collège

The 6èmes have explored sustainable development through a recent design project in their Global Perspectives class. Inspired by the architect, Vincent Callebaut, students paired up and created a ‘building of the future’, which considers sustainable energy, subsistence farming, water recycling and the efficient use of space. We had some amazing, eye-catching posters as a result, which revealed plenty of innovation and insight. Well done, 6èmes!










We decided to take advantage of the Wednesday market held across the road from the Collège, and headed off with our 5èmes to experience the market with our five senses. Students had to make notes of their experience, acquiring new vocabulary whilst closely listening and observing the banter and fresh produce of local traders. These notes would later be used to write an article titled, ‘A feast for the senses’.


5ème students visit the market

The 4èmes have also just completed a series of beautiful projects with their teacher, Mrs Scaeles. Having finished studying Roald Dahl’s Skin and Other Short Stories in their English classes, one of their final assignments was a choice of several tasks: create a newspaper report, write a new ending to one of their short stories, or design a missing persons poster. The students put their skills to good use and produced some wonderful work.

4ème projects




Another 4ème Global Perspectives project explored the ‘Victorian’ era as one of their themes. Some students chose to create a ‘time box’ filled with letters and memorabilia, while others created beautiful posters presenting their research.


Well done to all the students on a very productive and fulfilling first trimester!