Are you also going to “Maison du Salève” ?

Memories of the beginning of the year for Elephants and Beavers
As usual, we had the pleasure of having parents with us and for this trip there were 5! We were also welcomed to this beautiful location by 2 knowledgeable and fun animators.
 What happened there ?
2 busy hours :
  • Visit of the orchard where they grow apple, pear and quince trees
  • Discussion about the wildlife in the orchard (birds, rodents and insects) and how these species are necessary for the orchard’s balance
  • We picked a big crate full of apples and pears
  • Tasting the different varieties of apples that they grow there and discussion about the different products that can be made from apples and pears.
  • Then we made our juice: we put our apples into the grinder to cut them into smaller chunks, then into the press to squeeze the juice out, and finally we filtered and bottled it into our individual bottles.
We arrived with empty bottles, and we left with great memories and the juice we made to share with our families. 😋
The Petite Section classes also organize an annual trip to the Maison du Salève. Last year they did Balade Nature et Légendes.
You want to see ?
    Article written by Audrey Moore, GS teacher.