Camille Lecourt

Camille Lecourt

Apprenticeship in Marketing, Communication & Digital

I have always been passionate about the English language and Communications in general. At EBiHS I have been given the opportunity to combine these two interests.


As I worked toward my degree in Psychology, I was able to develop and obtain fundamental knowledge during this first course of study. 

Then, as I wished to work in Communications, I decided to do an 8-month Civic Service at EBiHS in order to acquire the prerequisites in this domain. 

Over the next two years, I will be doing a work-study course in Marketing, Communications and IT to obtain my Master’s degree.


I very much enjoy working closely with children during some of my projects because of their dynamic personalities and how naturally they interact with others. 

I love my family, Nature, sports activities and traveling.


I am happy to be part of the EBiHS team.