Pamela Ancer

Mexican, I studied as a bilingual children’s teacher and three years in children’s schools in Monterrey (Mexico), I decided to become an au pair in the United States. I have always wanted to learn about another culture and live the experience of learning in total immersion. I lived two years in New York with an American family and took care of two children. Working and learning in another country, and being out of my comfort zone was an incredible work experience and a personal adventure. I was able to supplement my English and improve my pedagogical expertise. Now, I have moved to Annecy to discover French culture, language and new working methods. I have gained a lot of experience in my teaching and I have found that this has led to many positive results for my students. An important part of my mission is to help students reach their full potential, with an emphasis on dedication in teaching. As my experience in bilingual schools shows, I am enthusiastic about education and always strive to do my best for my students. I am delighted to have joined the EBIHS team for a new experience.