Amber Crake

Amber Crake

Middle school pedagogical coordinator and teacher: English, History, Geography and Art

I am a South African teacher who grew up in the beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. I spent much of my youth exploring the rugged Cape Mountains, and developed a great love for the outdoors.

On leaving school, I studied at the University of Cape Town, completing a Bachelor of Honours in Psychology, followed by a postgraduate Certificate in Education. 

Wanting to expand my horizons and gain some international experience, I moved to South Korea and taught English to students ranging in age from kindergarteners to adults. It was an enriching and unique experience. After two years, I returned to South Africa to take up a position teaching at an International School in Cape Town. I worked there for four years, gaining experience of the Cambridge teaching programme, as well as developing educational material with an experienced team of teachers. I also had the opportunity to work with students from all over the world, and gained exposure to the latest developments in education.

In 2017, I moved to the scenic town of Annecy with my French partner, where we are able to rock climb and enjoy the natural wonders of the region. I acquired the accredited Cambridge CELTA certification, and continue to teach English to children and adults, while also myself being a student of French.

I am a teacher who is committed to fostering students’ innate curiosity, and encouraging them to grow into confident life-long learners.