A discovery project for CM2

Learning about Technical objects CM2'classes

The CM2s recently delved into a captivating learning period focused on technical objects in science. Throughout this time, we explored the distinction between natural and technical objects, collectively establishing a definition for technical objects as human-made creations fulfilling specific needs with designated functions.
We discovered that many objects have undergone a similar process of innovation, transitioning from manual to mechanical, electrical, and finally, automatic. This evolution was examined through everyday objects such as phones, computers, calculators, and even lawnmowers. An intriguing glimpse into the past also allowed students to interact with a typewriter, the mechanical precursor to a modern word processor.
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To finish off our unit, we created animated cards. Students were first challenged to figure out how the card works without seeing the inside. They worked in groups to try and recreate the mechanism that allows the card to move. All groups had great ideas but it was a difficult task for CM2 students. They were happy when I finally revealed the inside of the card and they got to understand how it works. We finished by creating our own cards and decorating them as a holiday gift.

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