Theatre at Pré de Challes

The Petite Section to CP Classes Enjoy the Dramatic Arts

All of the classes at the Pré de Challes campus have enjoyed a cultured year.

They have visited the theatre to see a dance show and had a play come to visit them at school.

The dance show was performed by an ensemble of three women (two dancers and 2 musicians) with live music and a setting made magical with the use of thousands of white feathers. Two children were even invited onto the stage to join in with the dancers at the end of the performance! A truly special experience!

The Poster for 'Plume'

The play that came to school was based on a book called ‘The Mitten’  in which animals of the forest shelter from the winter snow inside a lost mitten. The performers used masks to transform into different animals. The children thought it was hilarious and some even got to go on stage to try on the masks!

The poster for 'La Moufle'