The Artisanal Elephants

The Elephants Bake Some Bread

The Elephants have a class project to learn to retell one story per period.  In this period, the students mastered the retelling of The Little Red Hen.  In the story, the little red hen works very hard to bake some bread: she plants, waters, cuts and grinds the wheat before kneading and baking the bread.  But none of the other animals want to help!  Until last Thursday, that is, when the Elephants took up the hardworking challenge to bake some bread for ourselves!
Retelling The LIttle Red Hen to the class.
The hard work started with grinding some wheat grains in a mortar and pestle to see that flour really does come from these tiny seeds!
Next, the students measured the ingredients.
Each table then kneaded its own loaf of bread.
Waiting for the bread to rise and watching it bake was also hard work!
And at last, some bread to eat!

Bon appetit!

Try it at home!