Storytelling Skills In Monkey Class

Storytelling Skills With The Monkey Class

Oscar and Victor use magnetic pieces for their story.


The Monkey Class have learnt about story telling using puppets (The Three Little Pigs), finger puppets (imaginative work), masks (Chinese new year calendars= the great race), CDs, films (Goldilocks and the Three Bears), music (Brown Bear) and through reading books and sequences of pictures. We learnt about the importance of order and sequence, in words, sentences, start to finish, and story lines. We learnt that pictures can help to tell a story, or tell it with out the need for words at all. Finally this theme culminated in the monkeys creating their own book, using everything they have learned to create a story and the illustrations to go with it.

What wonderful imaginations the children have!


Some of the Monkeys act out a story with masks.
Auguste and Théo adored the puppets!