Sports Day!

Sports Day!

Friday, 4th October, we had our annual EBiHS Sports Day. The Elementary children (CP – CM2) from both schools met at the ‘’Complexe Sportif des Glaisins” at the start of the day and the fun began! That is nearly 200 children all together!!! Our parent association, ATPA, was there with smiles and coffee to help keep the parents who also joined us warm.

The children were divided into their school colour teams and then divided down further into smaller teams. The final count: 4 teams split into 44 sub-teams. There were eleven activities, run by teachers and parents. Our CM2s and some CM1s were the team leaders and they led their teams around to the different activities. Every sub-team completed all eleven activities without ever competing against the same group twice. A small organisational detail .

The weather was cool and, at times, threatened rain but luckily it stayed dry for the activities. Everywhere you looked you could see smiles, chanting could be heard all around as teams cheered each other on and fun and happiness were definitely in the air. When the scores were tallied, the overall winners were the Yellow Team. Congratulations Yellows !!! 

We also had year group races at the end of the morning. First place was taken by:

CP – Jack Mermillod Boudin

CE1- Alice Rousseau

CE2 –Maïc Chopin

CM1 – Mathis Lebois

CM2 – Alix Barthelet

A huge thank you to our wonderful CM2 and CM1 children who led their teams, to Martin and Ivan who gave their mornings to help run the activities, to the teachers who enthusiastically led their activities, to the parents who came and participated and cheered us on, to ATPA who set up the coffee stand and to all of our fantastic Elementary children who made this day fun and a great success. 

May you all continue to have fun and laughs with each other throughout the year!

All our best,

Dave and Leanne 

Sports Day organisers