Round the World in 80 Elephants

The Elephants Explore the World

The Elephants have been traveling around the world during this period. Each week, we have buckled our airplane seatbelts and ventured onto a new continent. On each continent, the Elephants have learned about the various native animals, landscapes and written a fictional story about our travels. In addition, we have created a work of art inspired by one culture from that continent.

The Elephants with their home made Chinese Lanterns

We started in Europe before heading off to the Americas where we learned about and created Native American totem poles. Our next destination was Asia, where we created Chinese lanterns. Next up was Africa where we created Banda masks. Next week will be our final stop in Australia where we will explore and create aboriginal boomerangs.

The Elephants with their home made Totems
The Elephants in their Banda masks!

Wish us happy travels!!