Projects at the Collège

Projects at the Collège


Our students have been very industrious over the past couple weeks, producing commendable posters and brochures as part of their assessments throughout the first period since being back at school. In keeping with the Collège’s philosophy of project-based learning, students have been able to put their research skills to good use and profit from accessing credible information, using Britannica School on their chromebooks.

6ième students explore maps of their chosen metropolis

The 6ième have really produced some eye-catching posters, exploring various metropolises across the globe, providing information on the population, economy and culture.The 5ième have experimented with the layout of a brochure, and have learned more about various NGO’s that provide aid to developing countries around the world, while compiling their own brochure to display information on their chosen NGO.

Both projects have been produced for their subject Global Perspectives, a Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme subject taught in English, which targets current issues across the world, challenging students’ critical thinking and analysis skills.

Metropolis posters
Students researched various NGOs to create these brochures