Independence For The Petite Section

Learning How To Use Your Classroom

Welcome To School, Make Yourself At Home

Take care of your own nose! Tissues are available all the time with a mirror and clear instructions on how to use them.

Each year when we welcome new Petite Section children to the school on of the first thing we work with them on is building independence.

Learning your name starts here, the child uses their image to find their coat peg.

We teach them to take care of themselves, their belongings and their school. It takes time to learn and the children have to work really hard to remember everything and learn how to do things they have always asked an adult to do before.

Clothes pegs are used to store the aprons, this require lateral control of the hands and arms as well as a pincer grip to operate.

The children learn how to put on their shoes and other clothing, do their own zips, open their own snack, compote and water bottles. It’s a lot to learn for such young people, but they are all very capable and rise to the challenge. These tasks also build strength in the child’s body and emotional resilience to keep trying, even when things get tough.

The children fill and store their own water bottle, with paper towel ready to clean up any spills.

Parents can support their children by having similar expectations at home.