Forest School for the Grande Section and CP Classes

The Lions, Pandas, Beavers and Elephants Experience Outdoor Learning

Let’s Explore Learning Outside!

This school year, the GS and CP classes are headed to school in the forest! Forest School is a multidisciplinary education method that approaches learning in natural environments.




Rain, snow or shine, the Pandas, Beavers, Lions and Elephants will be in the forest at Parc des Glaisins for one afternoon a month this school year. We will be developing skills in all classic subject areas, like Maths and Reading. Further skills in Art, and Physical and Social Development will also be worked on. Additional objectives of this project are to promote curiosity about the world around us, love and respect nature, and to increase resilience, confidence and independence in our students.

Last week Thursday and Friday, the four classes went on their first expedition. The students had three workshops: drawing a listening map (where they drew everything they could hear around them), free play in the forest, and creating numerals using leaves, pine cones, sticks and stones.

Wish us luck on our coming adventures!