Can Elephants Swim Like Beavers?

The Elephants and Beavers go Swimming

The Elephants and Beavers have completed their grand adventure of swimming!

Part of the grand section curriculum is taking swimming lessons, so we head to the pool in Thones for two afternoons a week for 5 weeks. The aims of these lessons are to help children be more at ease in water as well as learning basic techniques like floating, kicking, blowing bubbles and gently moving through the pool.

The learning doesn’t just take place in the pool, however. The students also learn how to be much more independent as they are required to keep track of and take care of all of their own things in addition to dressing and undressing efficiently without adult help. It takes some time and patience to allow all 42 children the time to complete these tasks on their own, but it is well worth it because we always see a great change in the student’s independence from week one to week five.