Book Day!

A Long Awaited Day of Stories!

The Monkey Class looking goo all dressed up!

The children at the Pre de Challes campus have enjoyed a celebratory day of dressing up and stories to celebrate the magic and joy that books bring us. The families were challenged to create a costume for their children based on their favourite book. The families were encouraged to share stories with their children and discuss the characters and events that happen within. The children then brought their stores and costumes to school to share with their friends.

The Butterfly Class Show Off Their Favourite Stories




Books are treasures and the stories they tell are very special. Reading with children for just 15 minutes a day can increase their vocabulary immensely as they will be introduced to language that we don’t necessarily use in day to day speech. Sharing books with your children at a young age teaches them to associate reading with love which is extremely valuable as they grow and books become important for the acquisition of knowledge.