African Art at the Collège

African Art at the Collège

Students are getting their hands dirty on Wednesdays! Both the 6ieme and 5ieme students are engaged in creative activities that require a very tactile approach.

The 6ieme are investigating Rock Art and have created their own compositions using craft paper to simulate a rocky surface onto which their figures have been drawn. Students were quite hesitant yet also excited to scrunch their drawings up after they had finished.

The 5ieme are exploring African masks, having fully devoted themselves to the creative process and developing their ideas through a series of projects. Using pastel, they drew masks on black paper, incorporating motifs and patterns typical of African masks. Ideas are further being developed through papier maché, a technique explored in France in the 17th century. Students first had to build their masks using recycled materials, and then apply a flour and water mixture to strips of newspapers sculpting their masks.

Lots of fun, messy creating will continue on Wednesdays!


Figures inspired by San Rock Art in South Africa
Animals inspired by the aurochs of Lascaux
Ceremonial masks in oil pastel
Students enjoying the messiness of paper maché