Welcome to the extracurricular programs! Each year, we offer a rich and varied program of sports, artistic and academic activities that enrich the students’ day. Everyone can find activities to their liking or discover new talents!

A program is offered at each site, Pré de Challes and Pré Faucon, at the end of the school day. In addition, the Wednesday Club gives students, including those who are not enrolled in school, the opportunity to practice English in a fun and motivating context. During the school vacations, weeks of camp are organized in the same spirit as the “Wednesday Club”: the discovery or practice of English through a variety of activities. Other services offered by the school include the following:

  • School catering
  • The daycare center
  • A homework help program adapted to the needs of the students, autonomously or accompanied.

Samantha Richard

Head of the Animation Sector (Wednesday & Holiday Club and the daycare)

Having worked in the animation sector for 4 years as an animator, I then obtained a BPJEPS (Brevet Professionnel de la Jeunesse, de l’Education Populaire et du Sport) with the option “direction d’Accueil de Loisirs”.

After my training, I accepted a challenge; to set up a leisure centre for 60 children and manage a team of 7 people. It was then that I understood what I really wanted to do: to organise, manage, analyse and bring to the children the values that I defend: respect (for others and the environment) and tolerance.

I like to offer varied activities to children and my objective is that children can “learn through play and learn to do things on their own”. Lire la suite

To make my dream come true, I spent a year discovering new cultures (Canada and Latin America). It was while travelling that I perfected my English and learned Spanish thanks to the many encounters I was able to make.

On my return, I wanted to work in a place where my passions would be linked: a bilingual leisure receptionist.

I am very happy to join the team of the bilingual school.

Claudia Vernot

Reception and secretariat – Pré de Challes

Administrative secretary, responsible for registrations

Claudia Vernot is originally from Colombia in South America. As a student at the Lycée Français de Colombo, then for three years at a High School in the United States, she became trilingual, adding French and English to her mother tongue, Spanish.

Graduated in Psychology from the University del Valle in Colombia, Claudia has worked for many years in the field of human resources, selecting, training and coaching staff. She has thus developed skills that she has been able to transfer and develop in other sectors, particularly education.Lire la suite

Claudia moved to Annecy in 2015 and then joined the school’s administration team. In addition to welcoming and communicating with families, she coordinates the after-school programme, the Wednesday Club and the Holiday Club. 

She also finds time to help students discover Spanish during her extra-curricular activities.

Claudia Vernot always prioritizes welcoming and giving  attention to each child and their well-being, both during the day and during the extra-curricular activities. The quality of the welcome and teaching is a priority for this enthusiastic person who is passionate about both human relations and teaching. 

Romain Raffit

Animator at the club and at the daycare

Romain has always been passionate about American and Anglo-Saxon culture and has had the chance to perfect his English through his many travels.

After 10 years of experience as a qualified animator for the Boulogne Billancourt town hall, Romain moved to Haute-Savoie last year with his wife and two children to get closer to nature and offer a pleasant living environment to his family.

He is delighted to have had the opportunity to join the EBIHS team at the start of the 2019 school year, a school with values that he shares and which offers children an opening to the world.  Lire la suite

Romain is responsible for the physical, emotional and moral security of the children and does everything possible to ensure that the children have a pleasant time at the club and at the daycare centre through various activities adapted to their age.

His primary concern? That the children blossom in an atmosphere of kindness and diversity. 

Corrie Young

Club facilitator and English-speaking teacher

I was born in Kinross, Scotland. Growing up in the countryside near a nature reserve contributed greatly to my fascination with science and nature. This is how I studied and obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling.

Shortly after my master’s degree, in 2014, I came to Annecy. Although I was for a long time responsible for Girl Guide Association groups in Scotland, it was through my experience of teaching English in two local colleges that I really discovered my passion for teaching.

I felt the pleasure of giving young people the desire to learn and progress. I find it really enriching to be able to bring them knowledge of English and also to share with them my passion for science and the environment.

Megan Dwight

Club facilitator and English-speaking teacher

I am American but I spent my childhood in Asia, on the beautiful island of Taiwan. I studied there in an international school and it was there that I developed a passion for sports and other cultures.

After high school I moved to California and studied Physical Education at Biola University. I have always enjoyed playing sports but I discovered how sharing my passion with others and developing my knowledge can be enriching. After my studies, I taught sports and history for a year in a public school in Los Angeles. Then, in order to continue studying physical education, I did an internship at the University of Fullerton, California, and then taught at a public school in Orange County where I learned a lot from an exceptional mentor and an intensive program. During the summer, I also worked at summer camps, discovering a new passion for climbing and hiking.  Lire la suite

As I enjoy working with children, discovering other cultures and living in the mountains, it was natural for me to come to Annecy, first of all in an au pair programme. But my desire to teach was always there and joining EBiHS was a great opportunity. I love teaching middle school students and helping them discover games, activities or sports that will allow them to have fun and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Pamela Ancer

Kindergarten assistant

Mexican, I studied as a bilingual children’s teacher and three years in children’s schools in Monterrey (Mexico), I decided to become an au pair in the United States. I have always wanted to learn about another culture and live the experience of learning in total immersion. I lived two years in New York with an American family and took care of two children.

Working and learning in another country, and being out of my comfort zone was an incredible work experience and a personal adventure. I was able to supplement my English and improve my pedagogical expertise.  Lire la suite

Now, I have moved to Annecy to discover French culture, language and new working methods.

I have gained a lot of experience in my teaching and I have found that this has led to many positive results for my students. An important part of my mission is to help students reach their full potential, with an emphasis on dedication in teaching. As my experience in bilingual schools shows, I am enthusiastic about education and always strive to do my best for my students. I am delighted to have joined the EBIHS team for a new experience. 

Thomas Butturini

Animator at the club and at the daycare

Originally from the Basque Country, I grew up with a strong culture, which contributed to my attraction to languages and different cultures. The journey was like a call for me. I have travelled mainly in Latin America, but also in Spain and Portugal. During my travels, I discovered, compared and tested other forms of education, either in local schools, or simply by exchanging with other travellers from all over the world.

I have chosen to give my time to pass on my knowledge to local children in the form of workshops: cooking workshops in Guatemala, guitar and ukulele initiation in Mexico, surfing lessons in Colombia. My language level has therefore improved considerably. I now speak English and Spanish fluently. These 2 languages give me a great opening to the world. Lire la suite

Between two trips, I went back to France for a year to obtain a BPJEPS APT (Physical Activity for All). I am delighted with the education of the children. I like to pass on what makes me tick and offer a maximum of varied activities so that the child can blossom and develop his or her own abilities. I worked for a year in the leisure centre of Bassusarry in the Basque Country where I was able to test and develop a wide range of activities with a large number of children aged between 3 and 16 years old.

After a final trip, I decided to move to Annecy, the city that inspires me so much, and I am delighted to be working as an activity leader for the Ebihs since the start of the 2019 school year. My aim is to teach English to children, in the form of a variety of games, in an atmosphere of mutual help and kindness.

Tom Legros

Animator at the club and at the daycare

Having lived from the age of 4 to 15 in the USA, I draw a lot of inspiration from the American education system in my work. I consider each child to be unique and offer a variety of activities adapted to each child’s level. My primary concern is to give children a sense of responsibility while promoting mutual help and respect for others and ensuring their well-being and development.

My interests, whether intellectual, artistic or sporting, help me to invigorate my inspiration.

I practice my job as a facilitator with passion by relying on my pedagogical bases learnt during my BAFA training, which I have been graduating from since 2012, and my various professional experiences. 

In addition to my work as a facilitator at EBiHS, I have been teaching English since 2017 thanks to the TEFL diploma.