Ludovic Mondongou

Ludovic Mondongou


Born in the Central African Republic, where local African languages and French coexist, Ludovic was immersed in a multilingual environment at a very young age. During his childhood in Bangui, he enjoyed a bilingual education in a school where both Sango and French were spoken. His two parents being respectively Phd in Modern Literature and Phd in History, Ludovic quickly became familiar with the world of school and teaching.

In France, Ludovic earned a Master 2 diploma in Computer Engineering from the University of Grenoble-Alpes and went on to pursue a career in IT. After several years as Digital Project Manager of regional and international projects, Ludovic supplemented his professional training with a Master 2 in Development Economics in Grenoble. These studies have enabled Ludovic to join a major international group in the field of new technologies. As a result of his commitment, Ludovic currently holds responsibilities on a global level for the training department of this Geneva-based multinational.

Ludovic is also co-founder of a network of companies in the field of professional integration through economic and sustainable development, an initiative which received several awards.

He is passionate about theatre, literature and travel and holds the “Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions de Directeur (BAFD)” for holiday centers. He has always been involved in different cultural associations and leisure clubs (in France and internationally).

Deputy Mayor of the city of Sillingy (Haute-Savoie), and Community Counselor of the “Communauté de Communes Fier et Usses (CCFU)”, Ludovic upholds and supports the values of civic engagement.

With regard to EBiHS, Ludovic has supported the project since its creation by sharing his communication and IT skills. After having been the association’s secretary-treasurer for several years, Ludovic currently holds the position of President of the EBiHS association.

Open-mindedness, openness to the world, multilingualism, hardwork, commitment, sharing, personal fulfillment, as well as kindness and solidarity are values that Ludovic promotes within the Ecole Bilingue international de Haute-Savoie community.