Charlotte Edwards

I started my career in teaching as a teaching assistant in a state school in the UK, before working as a tutor for bilingual dyslexic children in France. I continued my training in two international schools in Geneva, where I obtained my PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) and my IB (International Baccalaureate) teaching certificate. Previously, I had studied English literature up to the Master’s degree. Although originally from rural England, I now live in the French Alps, studying French and life in the mountains. I am passionate about running, skiing and hiking, sports which have given me the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and South America. I enjoy observing wildlife, admiring the alpine flora and learning about the local geography. I am passionate about sustainable development and the protection of our environment. I am delighted to share this passion with my students as well as my love of reading, writing and curiosity to learn. I feel comfortable in international environments, where discussions are enriched by so many different experiences and perspectives.