Middle-School teacher

I was born and raised in a multilingual environment and was lucky to learn several languages ​​(French, Romanian and English) from an early age.

I then went on to study Languages ​​and Literature in Paris, at La Sorbonne, and earned a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature in Dublin, Ireland. There, I trained as a teacher and started my career in Education.

After 6 years in Ireland and my own experience in bilingual and Montessori schools, my work is strongly influenced by the Anglo-Saxon philosophy of teaching where interactions and autonomy are central. I create a classroom environment which is a safe space for each child to build his or her self-confidence and follow his or her path of learning with joy. I am therefore delighted to contribute to EBiHS’s project of educating responsible and respectful individuals who are both aware of their local environment and open to the world and its diversity.